15 SepSomething Hiding in Pandora Jewelry

My colleague has a more than beautiful Pandora jewelry, and she always shows off to me. It is because she was born in a rich family that she always looks down on me. This morning, she comes to me again, taking off her Pandora jewelry from her whist and showing to me. “See, is it beautiful?” She said to me. “Yes, indeed. But inside the Pandora jewelry, there are something you will never know, something is more precious than the value of your Pandora jewelry itself.” I replied. “Then what is that?” “Simply,” I said, “Listen to me carefully.”

“First, it is curious that our own offenses should seem so much less heinous than the offenses of others.” I said, “I suppose the reason is that we know all the circumstances that have occasioned them and so manage to excuse in ourselves what we cannot excuse in others. We turn our attention away from our own defects, and when we are forced by untoward events to consider them, find it easy to condone them. For all I know we are right to do this; they are part of us and we must accept the good and bad in ourselves together.”

“But why is it?” The colleague asked me, with great curiosity and doubt. “Great,” I answered, “As we all know, when we come to judge others, it is not by ourselves as we really are that we judge them, but by an image that we have formed of ourselves from which we have left out everything that offends our vanity or would discredit us in the eyes of the world. To take a trivial instance: how scornful we are when we catch someone out telling a lie; but who can say that he has never told not one, but a hundred?”

I continued, “There is not much to choose between men. They are all a hotchpotch of greatness and littleness, of virtue and vice, of nobility and baseness. Some have more strength of character, or more opportunity, and so in one direction or another give their instincts freer play, but potentially they are the same. For my part, I do not think I am any better or any worse than most people, but I know that if I set down every action in my life and every thought that has crossed my mind, the world would consider me a monster of depravity.” “Oh, that is unbelievable.” She smiled, looking at her Pandora jewelry. Suddenly, she turned to me and gave me a big hug, “Thank you! You are the first guy who said to me this. Would you like to be my friends?” “My pleasure.”” Then, would you like to tell me more about what you just said?””Of course, I’d like to.”

“Ok, the knowledge that these reveries are common to all men should inspire one with tolerance to oneself as well as to others. It is well also if they enable us to look upon our fellows, even the most eminent and respectable, with humor, and if they lead us to take ourselves not too seriously.” I then finished my speech and turned back to my office.

All in all, I felt more than comfortable about what I behaved to the colleague. Although she wore a beautiful Pandora jewelry, which is notably and high level, I was not afraid of her and taught her what really hided in the Pandora jewelry. Actually, what I really wanted to tell her was, even she seemed like rich and had a lot of money, but it was totally not wise to show off to me, which was so stupid.

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