15 JulA Dream about Pandora

One night, I sat in the hall of my house doing my business in company while my sister kept watching TV Shopping program. Heard of the sound of TV, she seemed watching an item called Pandora jewelry. So annoyed about her, I moved to my own bed room so as to get away from her disturbing.

Unexpected, I should fall into sleep after a few moment. During the dream, I found myself become a boss of Pandora jewelry. But, as a boss, what should I be treated that seemed to be normal? Of course, because my main business was selling jewelries that I should have no mean about the using of jewelries. Look, my desk was decorated with Pandora jewelry, my chair should be made of jewelries, and all the lights in my office shall be hanged Pandora jewelry for each one of them. Moreover, I gave an order to my staffs that no one was allowed to watch TV Shopping program in my company…

All of a sudden, I fell down from the chair. When I took my air to listen, I found that my sister still watched the TV program right now. Oh my God, I really wanted to say some words dirty at that moment.